The Art of Upcycling

I am sure many of you have heard the term “One man’s trash, is another mans treasure! Well that is what is now called Upcycling, where you take an old item and turn it into something completely different and new. Well that is the mode I am in right now, since I started checking out and following so many fun craft blogs, I have learned so much and having a GREAT time, I was told by our neighbors about this really cute little store that is right down the street from our house, called Ecocentricity, I knew that store have driven by it at least a million times but never stopped in, well after the neighbors gave it rave reviews and told me what she had in store I had to stop by.

Ms. Loral is totaly Eco friendly and so are most of the products in her little store, most items used to be something else totaly different and upcycled into something new and fun.

Upcycle: using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary

That edgy swedish artist upcycled 500 plastic water bottles into a chandelier.

Loral is having a creative reuse contest starting this Friday at 6:00.

Voting starts at our light rail party Friday night and continues through the following Friday. Watch for our photo album of entries so you can vote too!

You can also vote by stopping by the store and checking out the entries in person.

Ecocentricity was founded in 2009

ecocentricity! — a store with eco-friendly products and services and supporting a mission to sustain our most precious resource of all — people.

137 West McDowell Road
(McDowell light rail stop)
11-6 Wed – Sat
or by appt.

Company Overview ecocentricity! — where central Phoenix plugs in to the little green things that make a huge difference. What is ecocentricity? Part electricity — creating a spark that inspires a new way of thinking; part eccentricity — departing from the norm of consumption without concern for sustainability; part centricity — putting sustainability at the center of our daily choices; part city — creating a sustainable community in the city center.

REDUCE: Visit us for information, displays and educational workshops and events to help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Come share what you know with your neighbors.

REUSE: Find unique items of lasting quality in our resale and consignment shop. Consign and release your unused “stuff” to someone who will use it. Kick the disposable habit with our selection of reusable items.

RECYCLE: Let us help you with recycling for your Christmas trees, cell phones, ink cartridges, and other recycling needs.
RESTORE: Purchases at ecocentricity! or on our website (with hundreds of eco-friendly products from our affiliates) support Fair Haven Crossing, a new Arizona nonprofit designed to help central Phoenix neighbors build a long-term foundation to lift themselves out of poverty or homelessness.

RECONNECT: Connect your consumption to local resources, create a more sustainable local community and economy for all neighbors.

RETHINK: Our planet. Our community. Our neighbors. Ourselves.
Products Fun, functional and fashionable eco-friendly products available in stock and hundreds of other eco-friendly products available from our affiliates. We carry some awesome products from local companies — great reusable bags from b.happybags, lunch kits from Kids Konserve, natural soap and skin care products from Naturoli, Strawberry Hedgehog, Organic Excellence and JustB – BJust, Christy Fisher’s jewelry from recycled glass. Natural seed jewelry, KOR hydration vessels, English Retreads, Grow-a-Notes,notecards from recycled blue jeans and junk mail, a large selection of reusable bags, reusable lunch items, and more. Come see what’s in store!

“Green concierge” service to help you with eco-friendly personal or corporate gifts, green home renovations or design, greening your home or office — let us know how we can help you.

Eco-friendly fundraising programs for your school, church or group.

Resale and consignment shop with quality furniture, antiques and collectibles, decor and more. We have a little bit of everything and something for every budget. Constantly changing inventory.

Gallery of local and eco-friendly art, including awesome sustainable mosaic art from local artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold; paintings from local artists Tod Wood and Lance Horton; drawings from local artists Randy Hoover and Carlautta Griffith; Bewilderknits felted wool haircombs and pins, Pat Mahoney’s mosaic pots, z.julz jewelry, Mermadison gourd art, Steve Yockey’s handmade kitchen utensils… come see the incredible talent that is right in our back yard! Commissioned originals, murals and reproductions also available.

You can find Ecocentricity at!/Ecocentricity?sk=wall

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Leila Osborn

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Az. Chic Boutique
Shopping fun for everyone!

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