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Sizzle this Summer with Direct Sales and Wrap!
Hey All,

We are very excited to bring to you wrap ideas in the world of direct sales. I am sure many of you can incorporate your product line with these ideas and kick start your summer with style! We just love this issue and even if we don’t have th exact bag shown, we always have something along the the same sizes and print styles for you to wrap your items in. Let’s begin.


Bath and Body

Watkins – We wrapped a container of Menthol Gel in a Tuxedo Bag with a sample attached to the ribbon. This is a perfect gift for men and a great idea to have a few ready for purchase with the men theme in mind.

Jordan Essentials – Now if you gave samples like this, they are sure to wonder what else you are up to in the future. Which could mean more orders. Using a Pretzel Bag, we trimmed the top and tied with one piece of cloth ribbon. All of this type of wrapping can be used for any industry.

Mary Kay
Ooh la la! This bath scrub and body lotion set fits great in a Flower Bag. We just taped the excess bag towards the bag, tied with lots of ribbon and included a mini sponge as a free gift. Great for bridal party gifts, teen gifts and summer event prizes! You can use the new Jute value bag for these sets as well and the 6×13 clear bag with tissue inside.


Food Products

Kats Coffee Pods are great rolled up in a Pretzel Bag and a business card added to the ribbon. Super hostess gift and individual sellers for the co- worker birthday!

Tastefully Simple Chai and Cocoa’s fit in any of our 5×12 bags as shown in the Flower Bag. Keep some wrapped and ready.

Gourmet Cupboard dips makes great gifts on their own. Many of you offer smoothy mixes and this is a perfect gift for a co-worker or friend. Just add it to a 5×12 bag with a little tulle and curl ribbon as shown. Don’t miss the opportunity to make extra sales by having some of these smaller items ready and ready to purchase.


Home Decor & Accessories

Longaberger baskets are great collector pieces and I would show a display with a basket filled with lovely Cello Printed bags and gifts as an example.Fill with home products for a wedding gift that would make a super gift. No basket bag necessary. For delivery of baskets you can use the 14″ shopper bag or put one in a clear basket bag by having a few on hand for those who want to see through the bag. I wouldn’t hide them, as they are unique and special.

Mia Bella Candles has great products that can be wrapped easily for gifts. The tealights are displayed great in a small tape sealer such as the 2×3 or the flat 3×5, tied with ribbons and set in a basket. Just hole punch through the bag and add a strand of curling ribbon. You can still smell right through these with the strong, yummy scent! And look at these air fresheners all wrapped up ! We used a 5″x12″ Cello Bag and tied it loose at the top as to not scrunch the package. The ribbon hides the loose wrapping. You just might sell one extra to everyone that buys a candle as home accessory items make great thank you gifts and birthday gifts! Encourage extra purchasing for future gifts because if you don’t ask, it won’t happen!


Home Party/Open House Idea

So, why do people come to your parties and open houses? They want to get out and have some fun. If you won a box of popsicles to take home from an event wouldn’t you remember it? Sure you would and we want them to remember you! This is fun and can be used year round but is really perfect for the sunny months of the year! Here is the idea and we have mentioned it previously with rave reviews, so thought we would do it again. You take a package of popsicle sticks and write on them towards the bottom, many different prizes such as 10% off your next order (let them take the stick home), free gift, buy one get one free, Oops try again, 2 sticks when you order reaches $100 etc.

More Ideas to Jazz It Up!

  • Put a few “Free Pack of Popsicles” on your stick for a prize. Then pull them out of the freezer for them to take home! This is memorable and something they just won’t forget which is the idea! (Repeat Orders)
  • Glue flowers or use scrabooking embellishments to the top of the sticks for color.
  • If using as a party game, then place the container in the center of the table and tell them they can choose a stick after their order is placed or simply pass it around the room for everyone to choose.
  • If it is an open house, then let each guest choose a stick and have some prizes ready.
  • Allow someone to choose 2 sticks if they book a show or party at the event.
  • Think outside the box for idea for your sticks and ask on Yahoo if you need more ideas. We are going to try to get popsicle sticks this week for this very item and when we do, you will see it in the Rep Tools category.

Check out our newest item! Love it!!!
We hope you enjoyed all these ideas and can put some to good use to help increase your sales! Disclaimer: The items and ideas represented are simply to aid you in presenting them. If your particular company doesn’t allow you to partake in ideas we have suggested (such as putting a sample with a product) then please consider some of the other ideas. Our intent is only to help you sell more product with presentation. Thank you!


Lonna Weidemann Cello In a Box Co.


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