Cello In A Box Weekend Newsletter

- Weekend Newsletter
Welcome to your next edition of YOUR REP FRIDAY NEWSLETTER! This is a BIG NEWS and BIG CHANGES issue of our weekly newsletter so if you really want to be on top of your Cello Game then take notice of all the little details in this newsletter.

blue bags

New Packaging Idea
We have some pretty great new products going on the cart this week and next week. Our new catalog will be in our hot little hands in just a few days so you will see that in the New Items category and the previous one is no longer available. One of Lonna’s new favorites is this wonderful Blue Frosted Flower Bag!

Such a darling bag with lots of color and can be used for so many things. It measures 7″ x 9″ and comes in a set of 12 for $4.25. You can add a few strands of curling ribbon tied to the handle as a cute look as well. Great for packaging cosmetics Teen party bags Catalogs Hostess Gifts


New Program is in the Works!

We are working on a new program for the person who wants to share the wisdom of the power of presentation! The PREMIER PROGRAM will give you a stronger opportunity in the Cello business world, with great benefits and tools. Some of the features of this program involve and include: 50% Product Discount Program Instant Office – including business tools such as office suppies, acrylic catalog stand, custom stamps and more! 25% off any future orders once you become a Premier Program Member. Sales and marketing materials including bulk catalogs.

Ask me how YOU can join us today!!!

sweet treat

More New Fun!
Oh boy this one has to be another one of my favorites.

A Sweet Treat Mini Wrap Set that is so darling and will spice up anything you are wrapping. It stores flat as well which is always a plus. Set includes this darling box that measures 4″ x 3 3/4″ x 4 1/2″, a 5″x12″ bag and a 15″ ribbon for your bow. Available now for $4.25 each set! /


Sneak Peek…..Rep Wrap Giveaway! Our favorite event of the year is approaching. Boy do we have a lot going on. We are starting to receive in our many giveaway prizes just for you. And oooooh la la, some stunning items such as:

Personalized Cello In a Box Pens Chocolate and Pink Polka Dot Organza Sets Internet Address Books Gift Certificates Cello Sets

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Rep Wrap Giveaway which will be held in April!

Want to be a part of the fun! Sign up with us today!!!


March Specials
Our New Bundle Me Beautiful Organza Pack Preview is on special for March! Purchase one set and get 2 extra bags for free!

Grab yourself a bright green organza bag in 5×7 size just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. They will be available in March only for .75 each.
New Items: Watch for more new items this week including:

10×13 Tape Seal Bags Fairy, Little Boy Blue, Pink Polka Dot BagsYellow, Blue and Pink Cello Bags New Colorful Star and Birthday Balloon Bags Hang Tag Bags – with the hole for hanging in two sizes A2 & A7 Clear Bags for Greeting Cards 4×5 and 5×7 Purple Pull Bows Purple Organza Bags Turquoise Tulle Chocolate Tulle Adhesive Pearls for the crafters…..Oooh adding an assortment of pearls on the front of a clear cello bag and wrapped in tulle would be very classy! Popcorn boxes

Lovin these fun new pieces


Discontinued Items

  • Pastel Twist Tag Ties, Replacing with Silver Thank You
  • Baby Feet, Smiley Face and Rose Bags
  • ABC bags, Burgandy Tulle, Money Shred
  • Women in Biz Kit, 24 Gifts on the Go Kit
  • Barnyard, Large Shamrock and Soccer Bags
  • Filler Pack $6.00

Sign up today and get them for 20% off your next order hurry fast, they will be gone quick!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of your rep friday newsletter! As always…Have a cellorrific week!

Lonna Weidemann Cello In a Box Co.


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