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On Fri, 2/18/11, Lonna Weidemann lonna

Rep Friday Newsletter
Feburary 18, 2011
Welcome to you next edition of your Cello In a Box NEWSLETTER! As always here at CIAB we have some fun things in stored for you so read on for all the goodies!
Wrap Tip – Business Card and Sample Marketing
samplesWe can’t really sell anything if we don’t market our products right? Well, maybe there is one lucky person out there who just sells their items without marketing but not very many. People do not know if you have something for sale or something they might need if you don’t tell them or show them. So, we like to help with easy ideas. The 2×3 Tape Seal Bag doesn’t get much easier when it comes to marketing. True story…..I sat last night watching television, making up sample packs to send out wherever and to whomever. I don’t care where they go as long as they get into the hands of others. This is an example of a business card and a paper punch that is in a form of a sticker. Do you have a sample of an item you can add to a business card in the tape seal bag? If not, that is okay too you can use many different items.

  • Add a wrapped piece of candy
  • Add a plastic money coin representing making $ with your opportunity
  • Add a pinch of shred and your business card, this looks great as is!
  • Add a sample container with a sample of lotions, etc.
  • Don’t have a business card? Make a small flyer using Microsoft Word and print off your business details. This work just as well.
  • No matter what you add in them they will be a beautiful package to receive instead of a plain ol’ business card.
Another Tid-Bit on Marketing
ellens marketingAnd here is Ellen Levina’s version of the 2×3 tape seal with her marketing packs that she happened to me making the same night I was making mine. Great minds think alike! Hers has two business cards in them, marketing two different businesses, a pack of Smarties candy and then she added a hole punch after sealing the bag and a piece of ribbon tied in a knot. What a great look. These are something your kids can even help you make! Here is our #1 Tip….after you make them then be sure to spread them out for giving. Take a handful to the office, put a handful in your purse and your car then make a little basket for home wherever you ship your items, your orders, your sales from online swaps, ebays, trades, marketing packs, whatever it is, put them in! People would much rather receive this than just a card.
The Bundle Me Beautiful Organza Pack is now on the cart! Have fun with this one! We also completed our inventory. New bags are going up this week and the bags we can no longer obtain or are discontinued due to selling patterns, can be found in the Amazing Clearance section until gone.
sweet treat box
A FUN New items to brag about!
Now would you look at this! The new Sweet Treat Gift Box Set, it is a gift box that comes with a 5×12 crisp clear bag and a strand of green ribbon for your bow! This is a fun and exciting product that will be on the shopping cart today! Great to have on hand, they are folded flat for easy storage and you can add smaller items such as a few bags of candy, tea, a small cup, not quite as big to fill as a gift basket box which is a nice alternative. Also newly added are frosty blue floral shopping bags. A smaller, flat bag for cosmetics, jewelry and more. Love our new items and hope you do too! Our Price: $4.50Ask me how you can sign up today and get 20% off all your future orders!!!
Lonna Weidemann
Cello In a Box Co.

Leila Osborn

Be Exclusive with the Az Filler Pack’s Exclusive Members Club!

To be an Exclusive representative of your company with the
Az. Filler Pack you must commit to making a $45.00,
500 bag purchase at least every 2 months.
See our website for more details.

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Shopping fun for everyone!



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